I live in Newham and love the area, always lived here and always will, love my football and the people in the area. My whole family are local, born and bred in Newham, Barking and the local area. We have all travelled a bit but love England and the south east area.

The family have been involved in several local businesses; locksmiths, glazing, fish mongers and even trading in London. All good solid jobs and we support the local community and West Ham for our sins!!

The locksmith and glazing businesses have been very good to us and we have been very good to our local community, because in an emergency, which these businesses are set up to be of service is when you really need someone urgently.

Our local locksmiths and glaziers are very good and work hard for the community and for their families, so they have mostly become successful and made a good income for the family. Good honest labour never killed anyone, well so my good old mum used to say.

So support your local community where you can, we are here for you and better than the national big boys. The local businesses as I mentioned and plumbers, electricians, builders & roofers are all very good and the local ones are the best by far.

The local tradesmen are community supporters and will take on all projects to help you in your house with any emergency.



Projects to make your small living room seem bigger

living-room small

So you have a small living room, I think we all have at some stage in our lives, so this will appeal to everyone as I mentioned at some stage during their lives. There actually 15 cool ideas or projects, well projects is a bit of a techy term and these are probably really ideas.

And I would like to credit “Amy Johnson” for the ideas I cannot claim them as my own, although I do wish I had thought of them as they are great.

It’s all about the feel of the room, not necessarily the actual dimensions, so we have to make it feel larger as we cannot actually make it bigger in this post. We have some very smart ideas to not only make it feel larger but also we try to actually open it up where we can. Use the ideas here and anyone who has been in the room before and returns after the transformation will step back and think what has happened, it seems larger and brighter?

  • To add space and a warm feeling add an accent wall to the room, it will create the space you need through the magic of color. It will also give it a look your neighbors won’t have and it will be funky. And who doesn’t want to be funky.
  • Storage space is always at a premium, so a good idea is to make or buy a storage device that can also be used as a seat or table. An Ottoman is a cool idea as it can handle all three uses and if you can make your own, you can make the perfect size for the space and make it fit in with the right colors or material, depending how clever you are?
  • You must have sunlight in your room, as much light that is natural as possible, so you will need to remove or draw back any blinds, curtains or any other coverings. And keep all window coverings as open as possible, natural light is a great opener of spaces.
  • This is a good one, if you do not have a table that can be lowered or raised (I always want to say highered?), in other words an adjustable table, than get one. They are great and another use of a multi functional piece of furniture.
  • What about your own gallery but contained on one wall in a defined space, the space to contain pictures, photos, art, anything cool really. And its a defined space it looks excellent and although all together it frees up the other walls, gives you a focal point of pictures.
  • Mirrors, you were waiting for this one, mirrors always add light, give the impression of space because you can see further than the wall through the reflection. It is really a window, a new window in your room.
  • This is a little more difficult but very possible, to add additional space and you have a reasonably high ceiling, by constructing a mezzanine floor you will add a great deal of space and fill the void above and create another room, which not only creates space but adds interest and another different vibe. Genious…
  • If you need shelving and you probably do as its a small room, then opt for shelves that give the impression of floating, they are simple to put up and look impressive.
  • Spotlights if chosen wisely can also not only add light but create space or at least look like they do. They are great for showing off nice pictures. A white spot is cool looking for it’s color and adds to the minimal look.
  • Use the space under the TV for storage of all those extremely useful things we never use!!
  • Now here’s a good thought, if you have furniture with obviously long legs and not squat legs, it again looks like their is more space as the space continues under the furniture and doesn’t stop. This idea is good for chairs, tables. sofa’s. etc.

And as a final thought, as you would have made so much space and got rid of various items, don’t stop there, have a look around and cleanse your home and mind. Then call these guys who are great at junk removal…

Good luck with all of that, some good ideas, don’t you think?

4 Projects You Should Not Do Alone

So many DIY projects seem simple when you read about them online and in magazines but be very careful as you begin them, you sometimes soon come to the conclusion that it may be a DIY project too far for your skills at that stage.

DIY projects are by nature a hobby that helps you improve your house or flat, save you money and make you feel good, often on a regular basis. These are good reasons to take a job on, but it is so important to understand your edges, what can you really do comfortably within your own skill set and ofter tool set!! And what you should really leave to a professional, even though you know you are so close to being able to do that.

Here are some projects we don’t think you should try unless you are quite confident you will be able to not only start the job but more importantly finish it correctly and in good time.

Roof repairs or siding repairs

Roofs and sidings are always needing repair after time, they get hit with everything the weather throws at the house, be it rain, sun, wind, it all mounts up. So you will need to replace roof tiles or siding at some stage, both need constant maintenance to ensure your home is kept weather tight.

There is a lot of good information on the web, tv, radio, books, magazines that show you how to replace roof tiles, panels and siding using your own skills. But beware this one has to be done right or your home will be open to the elements.

The issue is fixing panels and siding is a craft that is learnt over time and they have to be layered perfectly or they will leak and any small issues will allow water, sun, wind in and over time will cause a lot of damage and you won’t necessarily know it is happening until it is to late.

So our recommendation is to leave this to the roofing professionals who do this al the time and have the experience and skill to know how to handle all issues and you also get a guarantee. It isn’t worth you trying, trust us.

Electrical or Plumbing Jobs

OK if you thought roofing and siding work was tricky, electrical and plumbing jobs are real tricky to get right, anyone can have a go and anyone can make real big mistakes. Simple projects like, changing a light fixture, adding a dimmer, adding a light, changing a tap, stopping a leaky tap or leaking bath can be done if done carefully and all precautions taken. The key here is to read a lot before you start, so you have it in your head what you are going to do and you have a plan.

Now bigger jobs than these require the professionals as they could cause fires, floods and harm to those in the house, not through your own fault, just through your inexperience.

Kitchen Renovations

Everyone wants to renovate their kitchen at some point in their life

Who doesn’t want a remodeled kitchen with new fixtures and cabinets, new appliances and more open space? Especially after watching those home and garden shows where they tear almost everything out and start new. Those DIY specialists do show it to be simple. But redoing your kitchen requires a lot of electrical and plumbing work, as well as plenty of power tools and special know-how. While it looks plenty easy on television, there are a lot of people working behind the scenes and a lot of man hours completed to get kitchens all done in a few days or weeks. If you’re going to do a serious remodel, be sure to seek the right kind of help from decorators, electricians, and of course those lovely plumbers.

Change up, upscale expensive and or items that mean a lot to you

If you have old family heirlooms such as an old oak chest, a china cabinet, or other household item, it can seem like a neat idea to redo these items yourself. Maybe you have a possession or two that belonged to grandma or grandpa, and you would love to take on the task of bringing it into its best state ever. While this is a fine idea, if you have not done the DIY project on something that isn’t a family heirloom, don’t chance it. Try sanding and sealing a thrift store chair before you try great-grandma’s old rocker. And don’t try to replace the glass in the china cabinet if you’ve never done so before. Leave those old items with sentimental value for professional restorers.

DIY Video Series

I want to try and help ladies get into DIY, there is so much that can be done and it isn’t the domain for men, it should be freely available for ladies to play with too. I know it is freely available but women don’t get involved enough in my opinion.

Here are some great videos that show what is possible. I will add some more at a later stage to show what is possible. But these are great to help you.

1st video, Sisters in the brotherhood, become a union carpenter.

2nd video, woodworking tips, a half joint, how to make it

3rd video, carpet removal

4th video, diy room ideas for teens

5th video, life hacks every girl should know and 25 of them

More videos to come, I think plumbing is important, so I will add some plumbing videos, to show you all aspects of plumbing. Plumbing is a very important skill that is key to your whole DIY skill set.

This is so key as it is all over the house, bathroom, kitchen, outside, garage, cellar, central heating, it is everywhere, so it is crucial you get this right. So either do it with confidence or get a professional, either way works.

But do not try this at home if you have not done your homework or you will definitely cock it up and that isn’t good. So good luck and be confident.




Welcome to the world of female DIY


Hiya, Stacey here and I will be writing about all aspects of DIY, lists of things you should, can and might do, lists of things you shouldn’t do, lists you shouldn’t do alone.

Ideas, help, assistance, hopefully everything you need to get on and do it yourself!!

You will be great, I know you will, just get n with it and fail at some simple things, it’s the best way to learn, read a bit, watch diy videos on plumbing, electrical work, carpentry and you will be fine.

Just don’t sit there, get involved and have a go, what is the worst that can happen?

You know you want to, just please try, you will be fine.

Oh and good luck…